Joel McHale isn’t buying into hypothetical scenario of Seahawks trading Russell Wilson


Seattle Seahawks superfan Joel McHale has heard the rumors.

Seahawks star QB Russell Wilson wants to have a voice in the franchise’s personnel decisions and he is tired of getting hit too much. When asked if he was available in a possible trade, the eight-time Pro Bowler left that to the Seahawks front office to answer.

Since Wilson publicly aired his grievances, one third of the league has been calling about the possibility involving the future Hall of Famer and Wilson has named four teams on his list of preferred destinations. The QB rumor mill is churning.

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The chances of Wilson landing at any of those destinations remains a long-shot, but it’s something every “12th Man,” has had to consider in recent days, including Seattle native McHale.


“I’m not worried about it,” McHale told TMZ Sports. “Well, it’s very hypothetical. I would be very sad. They need to put up statues of him for what he’s done for the city, but he’s not. I don’t think he’s leaving.”

McHale gushed about how Wilson is one of the NFL’s elite and a beloved legend to the city of Seattle, and he’s not wrong. He’s been the face of the franchise for more than a decade, earning eight Pro Bowls in nine seasons, and bringing a Super Bowl to Seattle for a first time in 2014.

The comedian and actor also has faith that John Schneider & Co. will fix its offensive line woes through free agency and the NFL Draft this offseason. Wilson has been sacked 393 times over his career.

I understand that he’s one of the best quarterbacks ever to play and I think he’ll get the help he needs next year.

- Joel McHale

It won’t be an easy feat for Seattle to do so with a limited amount of available money left under a shrinking salary cap, but they do have options. Whether an improved offensive line is the only problem the Seahawks will have to solve in the Wilson saga remains unclear.

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Still, trade rumors continue to heat up around the 32-year-old QB and reigning Walter Payton Man of the Year. Rumored trades like one involving Cowboys QB Dak Prescott for Wilson is not something McHale is willing to entertain.

He doesn’t think the Seahawks should either.

“Look Dak Prescott’s amazing, but Russell Wilson is the king of Seattle,” McHale said. “I will always bet on him...

He’s one in a billion, and he’s also a great guy.

- Joel McHale