Joel McHale thinks the Seahawks are going to win the Super Bowl in 2020

Joel McHale

Actor, comedian and Seattle native Joel McHale is all-in on the Seahawks in 2020, as he is every year. As the guest on the latest Talkin’ Seahawks Podcast, McHale his path from his Mercer Island roots to Hollywood stardom. He also shared his passion for Seattle sports and his expectations for the Seahawks this season.

“We’re going to win (the Super Bowl). I always say we’re going to win. I’m not going to every not say that.”

McHale’s main source of optimism stems from Russell Wilson’s continued growth into one of the NFL’s top superstars. He’s coming off of his sixth Pro Bowl campaign and is one of the top MVP candidates heading into this season.

“Russell is such a gamer,” McHale said.

He joked about how Wilson is the biggest nemesis to his friends who are 49ers fans. That was evident in 2019 as Wilson brought the Seahawks within a literal inch of winning the NFC West despite the 49ers being the vastly superior team throughout the season. The 49ers had a point differential of +169 that dwarfed Seattle’s +7.

“They’re always nervous about us,” McHale said. “And I say, ‘That’s right, because you can’t ever count us out.’ Now I feel like we’re so much stronger. I’m very excited.”

McHale, like the rest of us, is just hoping that the season will be able to be completed in its entirety despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I would hate for it to get shut down but I’m deeply excited,” he said.


Beyond his eagerness for the start of the NFL season, McHale has a few big projects on the horizon, notably as the host of ABC’s game show “Card Sharks” and his superhero role in “Stargirl” on the CW. You can listen to the full conversation with McHale here.