John Schneider dives into Seahawks' draft approach, what he looked for in prospects


The 2021 NFL Draft is officially in the books and many of the free agency moves have already been made.

Now the focus for a lot of teams at the moment is how the teams will look with the newest additions.

And with the Seahawks rookie minicamp scheduled to begin next Friday, the team and its fans will get a chance to see how the three draft picks will work out.

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It's always a wonder what goes through the mind of Seahawks general manager John Schneider as he is going through the draft process.

And on Thursday, Schneider gave us some insight on the entire process as a whole.

Schneider spoke with 710 ESPN’s Danny O’Neil and Paul Gallant about the Seahawks' approach during the draft and what they were looking for in prospects.

"We really focused on the person this year,” said Schneider. “People were talking about previous drafts — we have focused on the person obviously, the character, the grit, the things that you've heard and hear about all the time… 

We had to get back to finding that level of toughness and grit and confidence.

John Schneider

The Seahawks drafted wide receiver D’Wayne Eskridge and cornerback Tre Brown as their first two picks taken out of the draft.

Both are athletic and quick athletes that the Seahawks will look to incorporate right away to help add to the team.

Here is what Schneider had to say about drafting Eskridge:


He's a 10.5 100-meter guy, Mr. Track in the state of Indiana. He's overcome a lot, he's competitive, he's super tough. You can see him playing gunner, you can see him returning kickoffs. The way he went down to the Senior Bowl and competed after only playing six games this year, you could just see the power and the toughness. He's an exciting, explosive player. All you have to do is put on the YouTube videos and watch him go.

John Schneider

For Brown, he is a much smaller cornerback than what they are used to drafting. Here is what he had to say about Brown.

It's kind of knowing the landscape of the National Football League and where we're headed. Guys that are playing in the Big 12 like that, they're running it seems like for four hours every Saturday afternoon, just all the time, and he's one of them. Getting back to the person as well, you're getting an extremely tough, aggressive, very, very confident individual. And again, in the Big 12, not to get too much into the stats, he had the lowest completion percentage against him … If he's six-foot, six-one, he's a top 10 pick. So knowing the landscape of the draft and where you can acquire people is a huge aspect of what we do.

John Schneider

Well, there you have it! The Seahawks only had to work with three picks, but it seems they got their people and found exactly what they were looking for.

Now we will have to wait and see if they live up to the draft picks in the coming weeks as football makes its way back.