Josh Gordon's first social media post after Seahawks signing was one big sponsorship plug


Josh Gordon has been the talk of the NFL Thursday after news that he re-signed with the Seahawks. 

Gordon returns to Seattle after he played five games with the Seahawks in 2019. The 29-year-old was handed an indefinite suspension from the NFL for violating the league’s polices on performance-enhancing drugs and substances of abuse. The loss of his brother led to his recent relapse, according to his attorney Adam Kenner.

The 2013 All-Pro applied for reinstatement in June, but he is still awaiting word from the NFL on his reinstatement. 

So, everyone waited to see if and when Flash Gordon would take to social media following his signing with the Seahawks.

But, when he did, it said a whole lot of nothing. 

In fact, it was more of a promotional post than an "I'm back" one. 

Sporting the Nike swoosh and Xenith helmet, Gordon tagged an artist, Matt Digiacomo, who made the decals on the helmet, which Digiacomo shared on social media last week. 

Gordon is not sponsored by either Nike or Xenith. But do you know who was and lost both sponsors? Antonio Brown, another rumored Seahawks target. 

It's unlikely that Gordon was throwing any sort of shade at Brown as Nike and Xenith are both well known brands. But, to be featured so prominently was something that couldn't go unnoticed. 

Still, Gordon remains suspended indefinitely. He may be waiting until he's reinstated to post more directly about the Seahawks.