Kam Chancellor says he will ‘never understand' the Seahawks' Super Bowl Goal-Line Sequence


One of the most heartbreaking losses in Seattle Seahawks history is Super Bowl XLIX  against the New England Patriots in heartbreaking fashion.

That loss still doesn’t sit right with a lot of current and former Seahawks players, including safety Cam Chancellor, who still struggles as to why the offense decided to go with the play they did.

In an article posted by the Players’ Tribune, Chancellor pend an emotional letter about his feeling regarding the last play decision to let Russell Wilson throw the ball at the goal line instead of giving it to Beast Mode himself Marshawn Lynch, who was running the ball fairly well all game long.

For the game, he had over 100 yards and a touchdown.

The decision to throw It resulted in it one of the most infamous moments in Super Bowl history, where Malcolm Butler picked off Wilson and sealed the 28-24 victory for the Patriots.

Chancellor noted how shocked he was that the Seahawks decided to go with that play.

It still affects him to this day, even.

To this day, people still ask me, 'Why didn't you give the ball to Marshawn?' And to this day, I don't know. I never got a clear answer. I just couldn't believe it.

Kam Chancellor

Chancellor in the article said he played with through a torn MCL, which makes the loss even more devastating to a player.

He also said that the play is a bring reason why Seattle hasn’t been back to the Super Bowl.

"I'll just never understand the play,” Said Chancellor. “Even during my last few years in Seattle, it was like a cloud that hung over us. It haunted us—like this constant, unseen, unspoken reminder that we just weren't on the same page anymore. I don't think we ever got that back."


Seattle has missed the playoffs once since 2012, but haven’t returned to the form they once were since that devastating loss

No one knows what would have happened if Lynch would have gotten the ball, but the Seahawks could have been back to back Super Bowl champs. But no one can sit here and say that would have been the case.

That play will stand the test of time of a 'what if' scenrio for the Seahawks and their fans.

However, the hindsight of all this is that the Seahawks did win a Super Bowl the year before, which was the first in franchise history. the team and players during that time can say that they made history together at the end of the day.