K.J. Wright believes Russell Wilson isn't leaving Seattle anytime soon


The NFL offseason in February is usually one of the more quiet times of the year.

But that has not been the case for the Seattle Seahawks this year at all.

Quarterback Russell Wilson has been in the news for voicing his displeasure of getting hit too much, and now there seems to be tension between the two parties.

Wilson has demanded a trade, but we do know the four destinations on where he would like to go if he were to waive his no-trade clause.

He has listed the Saints, Bears, Raiders and the Cowboys as spots he would consider.

All of this has seems to have caused a ripple effect throughout the NFL because Wilson is one to stay quiet about all this type of stuff.

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But linebacker and teammate K.J. Wright believes that none of this matters, and the quarterback isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“I was kind of caught off guard myself. But looking back at it, Russ isn’t going anywhere,” Wright said Friday on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. “As long as I’m going to be in Seattle, Russ is going to be the quarterback. 

Wright has been with the Seahawks for a decade now, essentially the same amount of time Wilson has been with the team.


Although he is heading into free agency, the Seahawks will most likely do what they can to bring him back.

Wright explained further that Wilson means way too much to the organization and the city as a whole.

He means way too much to this organization. He means way too much to this city. Usually, people want to come to Seattle, not leave Seattle.

K.J. Wright

All of this news is quite usual for Seahawks fans, but here we are.

Time will tell if Wright will even still be with the Seahawks come March, as for Wilson, this year he might be safe. 

But next season might be a whole different story. Will just have to wait and see.