K.J. Wright, Russell Wilson show respect to Kyler Murray ahead of Sunday’s game


The game between the Seattle Seahawks (5-0) and the Arizona Cardinals(4-2) on Sunday night Football is easily going to be one of the most exciting games to watch come Sunday.

The Cardinals are coming into this game just after dominating the Dallas Cowboys 38-10 on Monday, and the Seahawks are back after a much-needed bye week and looking to continue staying undefeated.

The biggest battle between the two teams is at the quarterback position with Russell and Kyler Murray, who are both passing the ball well this season.

Murray has been at the forefront of the Cardinals' success this season. With his speed, quickness, and throwing ability to make a duel threat monster against opposing defenses.

Sounds almost like what Wilson is doing for the Seahawks, if you think about it.

Through six games, Murray has thrown 1,487 passing yards and has 10 touchdowns in the season with six interceptions.

And with being just as dangerous on the run with over 500 yards rushing, Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright knows the defense has to be more disciplined than ever this week.

“Most definitely the quickest player we are going to face this year,” Wright said at Thursday’s presser. “We just have to be extremely disciplined when we’re on the field with him."

Wilson and Murray will always be the topic of comparison when they face off against each other. It is just bound to happen because the two have a similar style in play.


On Thursday, Wilson talked about Murray ahead of Sunday’s game and gave nothing but praise to the second-year quarterback with a promising future ahead.

“I got to know him a little bit through the draft process and I got respect for him and his competitiveness.” Wilson said “We’re going to get to play against each other for many years and it’s always going to be a battle. 

I'm proud to see just his work ethic and success and doing it for the shorter guys. He’s been special so far for sure.

Russell Wilson on Kyler Murray ahead of Sunday nights game

Seahawks defense will for sure have their hands full with Murray running the offense. The game between these two NFC West rivals is sure to be the one the most entertaining ones of the day.

Murray and Wilson certainly be going back and fourth for the offense all game long.

Sunday Night Football between the Seahawks and Cardinals  will kickoff at 5:20 PM (PT) in Glendale Arizona.