Kyler Murray comparable to Russell Wilson in his first two NFL seasons


Returning from their bye week, The Seattle Seahawks (5-)0 will be taking on the Arizona Cardinals (4-2) on Sunday night, which means the inevitable Russell Wilson/Kyler Murray comparisons will be taking a life of its own before the game.

Granted, both quarterbacks are very much similar in height and in the style of play which makes it easy for them to be compared to one another.

Even coming out of the draft, Murray’s pro comparison was actually Wilson himself.

Just six weeks into the NFL season, Wilson is the frontrunner for the MVP talk this year. With 19 touchdowns, over 1,500 yards, and just three interceptions through five games - and not having lost one for that matter - is hard to say anyone is even close to Wilson and how he has been performing this season.

Murray might not be in the race for MVP, but he is having a solid sophomore season so far. Through six games, he has 1,487 passing yards, 10 touchdowns with six interceptions. He also has a QBR of 75.8 to Wilson’s 81.8 QBR.

Only into his second year as a professional, Murray is keeping up, statically, as much as Wilson was doing into his first two years in the league.

Both of their numbers through the first two years ( Although Murray is still going through his) looks something like this from

Pass Completions:

Russell Wilson- 509

Kyler Murray - 475

Passing Attempts:


Russell Wilson - 800

Kyler Murray - 723

Completion Percentage:

Russell Wilson - 63.6

Kyler Murray - 65.7

Passing yards:

Russell Wilson - 6,475

Kyler Murray - 5,021

Rushing Yards: 

Russell Wilson -1,028

Kyler Murray - 840

Take into consideration that Murray is still going through his second year in the league, those numbers are almost identical to Wilson’s.

If Murray continues to go at this pace in the next few seasons, the sky is really the limit for this young quarterback and what he can do for the Cardinals.

The Cardinals are playing at a high-level thanks to Murray as his offensive play, which will make Sunday’s matchup an interesting one for the Seahawks defense to keep this winning streak alive and to continue to be undefeated.