Kyler Murray has been a fan of Russell Wilson since high school, now they are NFC rivals


The "Sunday Night Football" game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals is easily the most anticipated game of the week. 

The matchup between quarterbacks Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson is the most obvious headline of the day - in part because they play so similar to one another.

Wilson has shared his admiration for Murray in the past and how incredible of a player he is, and Murray has done so himself by reaching out to Wilson for some helpful advice about his future in football.

Both respect each other from afar, but Murray has been keeping an eye on Wilson… since high school.

On Murray’s Instagram, all the way back to 2014, (Wilson’s second year in the league and the year he won the Super Bowl) he is seen rocking his opponent's jersey and watching him on the flat screen. 

You can always count on Instagram to dig up some great gems from the past. Six years later, Murray is in the NFL and is compared to the quarterback that is currently leading the MVP race this season.

Murray still has a lot of growing to do, but with how he is playing in just in his second year, we could soon see Murray and Wilson battling head to head for the MVP race in the future.