The ‘Let Russ Cook’ train is falling apart right in front of us


Through the first five games of the season, the Seattle Seahawks were cooking with gas because of the heroics of Russell Wilson.

Before the bye week, Wilson had 1,502 yards through the air, 19 passing touchdowns and only three interceptions.

During the first half of the season, it seemed that the Seahawks had finally ‘Let Russ Cook’ and he was going to easily run away with the MVP trophy after not receiving any votes his entire career.

However, ever since returning from the bye week against the Arizona Cardinals, Wilson hasn’t been in his typical MVP form. 

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In Sunday's 23-16 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Wilson threw two interceptions and zero touchdowns- his first game without having a touchdown since the Rams game last December.

It’s also worth mentioning that Wilson hasn’t thrown 2 INT’s or more in back-to-back games since his rookie season.

In Week 9, Wilson threw two interceptions in the loss against the Buffalo Bills and another three interceptions against the Cardinals the week prior. 

At one point, Wilson had the fewest interceptions in the league. Now? He is tied for second-most interceptions in the NFL this season with 10.

I think I just got to get better. I'm not going to make it overly complicated, it's not on anybody but me. I put it on my shoulders and will get it fixed.

Russell Wilson on his performance against the Rams

It doesn’t help either that the Seahawks offense is working with their third and fourth-string running backs, and have been for the past three games now.

Running backs Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde are hopeful to return on Thursday, but that has yet to be completely confirmed.


Despite Wilson not playing at his best recently, head coach Pete Carroll isn’t just concerned with Wilson, but both sides of the ball.

“I'm just concerned in general,” Carroll said after the game. “We can’t play football and win games like that, we can’t.”

As most would have expected from Wilson after a game like this, the leader of the Seahawks had nothing but a positive outlook from his performance tonight.

Wilson made sure to let the people know that this adversity is not going to slow him down, and that he will rise to be the leader the Seahawks need him to be in the coming weeks.

“The reality of it is I know who I am. I know I am a great football player, I know I have been great, I know I will be great and I will continue to be great, and I know there are better days ahead...

I’ll use a baseball analogy… sometimes you go up to the plate, and you don’t have your way. That Is what it was today. I look forward to getting back after it and getting back to work and finding my best again. I have no doubt that greatness is in store. I have no doubt that we are going to get back on track. I have no doubt that we as a team are going to find away, and have better days ahead.

Russell Wilson on his performance against the Rams

The Seahawks are now 1-3 in their last four games and tied at 6-3 with the Rams and Cardinals. They'll play Arizona for a second time on Thursday. 

The Seahawks have been letting Russ cook all season, but it seems the kitchen might be getting too hot for Wilson to handle all the duties at once.

Wilson has a few days to get ready for the Cardinals, and the Seahawks are hoping that their quarterback can get back to the way things were before the bye week.