Lewis Johnson "absolutely impressed" with DK Metcalf's 100m dash


Back on May 9th, 2021, NFL star DK Metcalf had all eyes turned to USA Track and Field. 

It was that afternoon that the Seahawks wide receiver left the gridiron and took to the track.

Metcalf, one of the fastest players in the league, especially for his size, took on all competitors in the Men's 100-meter dash at the USA Track and Field Golden Games.

Metcalf did not disappoint. He did finish in last place in his heat but come on, he was competing with the best in the world... and he still more than held his own.

NBC Sports Track and Field broadcaster Lewis Johnson was doing commentary for that event, and he liked what he saw in Metcalf.

I was absolutely impressed with what he did. 

Lewis Johnson on DK Metcalf

"The way he got out of the blocks...DK Metcalf is a big boy. A big man. Top-heavy as a football player, as he should be," said Lewis. "But he got out of the block and he hung there well. I think it was maybe toward the 60-meter mark or so all that muscles started to tie up. He just didn't have the rhythm that a normal track person would have that does it every day. But I was absolutely impressed." 

Metcalf has made a living off his speed. Defenders struggle to chase him, and he became an instant meme last season with an unforgettable chase down tackle vs the Cardinals. 


Metcalf took a risk and made the jump, now Johnson hopes the NFL can open its doors to let some Track and Field stars do the same. 

"The NFL combine needs to invite some ladies to come and run the 40 at the combine. Metcalf may have started something but they need to finish it. Invite some guys or maybe invite some ladies to come and run the 40. Wouldn't that be fun?"

It certainly would!