Marshawn Lynch recalls his favorite moment from Super Bowl XLVIII victory


The skies were clear in East Rutherford, New Jersey that night.

Those who attended Super Bowl XVIII might even remember it being an abnormally warm Super Bowl game for the Seattle Seahawks.

Whether you were sitting in front of your television on Feb. 2, 2014 or packed in the stands a MetLife Stadium when the Seahawks dominated the Denver Broncos 43-8 en route to their first Super Bowl title, you’ll never forget the moment Seattle took home its first Lombardi Trophy.  

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The way Seattle’s Legion of Boom’s hard-hitting secondary absolutely mauled legend Peyton Manning and Denver’s greatest offense of all time. The effectiveness of Russell Wilson and the Seahawks potent passing attack.

As the seven-year anniversary approaches of Super Bowl XLVIII, it’s not the glitz and glamour legendary running back Marshawn Lynch chooses to remember. It’s having his family around to celebrate the moment that he holds closest to his heart.

“Something on a “cornball level,” I’d say is just the fact that I was able to have my family there with me. You feel me?” Lynch told SB Nation’s Field Gulls Podcast. “Just being able to see them enjoy the festivities, and all the sh*t that was going on around there. New York, you know that’s a hard place. Ain’t nobody giving a f*** about who you is in New York. They like ‘alright excuse me, get out of my way, you takin’ too long.’ But the way my mom was saying people was responsive to her, how they were showing her love and hella sh*t, my grandma though, you feel me? My uncles, my cousins, my brothers and my sisters...


They knew that they was family to me. That was real big to me.

Marshawn Lynch

Lynch had 15 carries for 39 yards and one touchdown in the Seahawks first-ever Super Bowl victory, but watching his family soak up the moment as the confetti fell is something he’ll never forget.

“I mean just seeing them all on the field running around in the confetti and sh*t,” Lynch said. “I think they had more in that type of situation that I actually did. But, what I did was I got the opportunity to actually to sit back from it all and I just got to watch them playing...

They were just out there like kids playing in snow, running through all the confetti. That was what was really big for me and hella sh*t.

- Marshawn Lynch

The Seahawks returned to the Super Bowl the following year, but a controversial decision to throw the ball at the 1-yard line ended in a Malcolm Butler interception and New England victory. Seattle has been a reoccurring guest in the playoffs ever since (excluding 2017), but has routinely fallen short of its ultimate goal of bringing another Super Bowl title back to Seattle.