Marshawn Lynch will provide color commentary on ‘Karate Combat’


We usually don’t speak much about the UFC here at NBC Sports Northwest.

But when it involves former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, we can make it exception.

The same day the Seahawks will face the Dallas Cowboys at CenturyLink Field, Marshawn Lynch will hosting as a color commentator.

No, not the Seahawks.

But for Karate Combat.

Yes, you hear that right. Lynch will be working alongside former UFC champion Bus Rutten for the first three weeks of the 12-week season. 

That is a lot of randomness to take in, I know.

But Lynch joined ESPN’s Ariel Helwani MMA show and discussed the opportunity for commentating for Karate Combat and why he joined.

“The opportunity when it came to be a part of Karate Combat — the first thing I think of is ‘Daniel san! Wax on, wax off!’ I was a fan of Karate Kid growing up so it’s something that I always had an interest in. Not so much in doing it myself but I’m there to watch a good fight.” 

Although Lynch has never stepped into the ring or octagon professionally, he does have some familiarity on how to throw a punch here and there.

He has trained with local Bay Area coach Tareq Azim as far back as the 2013 season, and as part of his rehab, he trained MMA while he was recovering from a sports hernia surgery in 2015.

The sport of ‘Karate Combat’ is full contact karate that’s contested in a pit. 


For this season, the fights are done in, and I wish I was lying to you, “a sci-fi atmosphere created with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.”

Confused? The fights are real, but there’s a mixture of virtual reality in them as well.

Check out the trailer for yourself:

Head over to for more on the schedule and the rules as well.

Lynch, somehow some way, just knows how to stay busy doing whatever he wants to do.

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