Mike McCarthy wants to score fast, not slow down Wilson


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is already off to a very impressive start to the season.

So much so, he is already emerging as the new favorite to win the NFL’s MVP award with just two games under his belt.

Wilson has passed for a combined nine touchdowns and 610 yards, making 52 of 63 passes in two wins against the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots

Not bad for someone who has received zero MVP votes throughout his career.

With the Dallas Cowboys next on the schedule for the Seahawks, head coach Mike McCarthy feels confident enough in his team’s offense and believes that they can match Wilson and the Seahawks when the teams face off on Sunday. 

It’s not so much about slowing down Wilson that will be the key, but to keep on scoring on the defense of Seattle as fast as possible to win this game. 

That's the game plan McCarthy is going to go with, at least for now anyway.

“We want to score as fast as we can, and as many times as we can as far as the start of the game and throughout the game,” McCarthy said.

The only time you will see Dallas slow the clowk down is when the Cowboys have the lead in the game.

If you have the lead, no time to score as many times as you can but just get out of there as fast as you can by running that clock down.


“But when you get down in the fourth quarter, that’s part of the game management,” McCarthy said. “Hopefully we’re in that same situation.”

From the Cowboys offensive performance last week against the Falcons and the 20-point deficit comeback they displayed in the last two quarters, McCarthy has reason to believe that his team can go toe-to-toe with Wilson and company.

If we look at how both teams played last week against their respected opponents, we know this Sunday’s matchup is going to be one high-scoring game.

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