The moment DK Metcalf's father knew he created a monster


It didn’t take long for the Seattle Seahawks and the rest of the NFL to see that DK Metcalf is a monster among men.

The 6-4, 228-pound wide receiver is a physical specimen with superhuman feats of strength and explosive speed. He’s grabbed headlines for his insane chase down of Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker or his ridiculous one-handed grabs in the end zone.

If you ask the Seahawks phenom, his father Terrence Metcalf had something to do with that.

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“My pops always taught me to be a dog… they always told me how big, strong and intimidating I look, so why not just act like it? He created a monster,” Metcalf said after the Vikings game.

In the latest Talkin’ Seahawks podcast with insider Joe Fann, DK’s father, former NFL offensive lineman Terrence Metcalf shared the moment he knew his son had something special.

“He was playing against my home team back in high school at Clarksdale when he was a 10th grader, and he was taking the kid, he was blocking the DB, and he took the DB all the way off the field and slammed the guy onto the track,” Terrence Metcalf recalled. “And it was in between the whistles and I just saw him do that and turn around and jog back. But his blocks in that game and from that moment on was always elbows in, hands inside, he tried to finish guys like he was an offensive lineman...


Like the pancake was special to him.

- Terrence Metcalf on DK

It continued when Metcalf witnessed his son in the weight room in high school. Terrence said DK was throwing weights around like a high-line training wheel.

“When you develop that mentality at the skill position, you can change a locker room.” Terrence said. “You can change a mentality of an individual who didn’t lift as much in college or high school to when they get to the NFL and they see how you work; you know you can change the mindset of an individual. And that’s what I love about him.

“That’s when I knew back in high school, just with his work ethics and his mindset on the football field, when you know how to turn it on, on the field and then be who you are off the field, you know you’ve got a special individual that has his goals and his mindset on something.”

After posting an impressive, 58 catches for 900 yards in his rookie debut, Metcalf has quickly blossomed into a star in his sophomore year, recording 43 receptions for 788 receiving yards and eight touchdowns through nine games.

The sky's the limit for Metcalf to become one of the best receivers in NFL history. At only 22 years old, the super-freak wideout hasn’t even come close to maximizing his physical gifts and potential. 

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