NFL Draft: George Kittle reveals he was almost a member of the Seahawks


The sports world lives in two worlds: The one of reality and the one of 'what if.'

Whether it is a game, trade, or even a draft selection in the NBA or NFL, fans can go into a deep wormhole of other realities.

Classic examples include: What if the Trail Blazers drafted Michael Jordan, or what if the Seattle Seahawks ran the ball at the one yard line?

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No one knows truly how things would have played out, but it doesn't stop people from asking the question.

But Seahawks fans might have more 'what if' moments than they realize.

Like the fact that the San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle was could have been a Seahawk.

Yes, you heard that correctly.

Kittle joined the “Stacking The Box” podcast and revealed that Seattle was trying to trade up for him.

“It was probably a minute before the Niners called me, my agent says ‘the Seahawks are calling me say and they’re trading up to get you’,” Kittle said. “Then literally, I’m on the phone with him my agent, and I get a call from the Bay Area.”

The draft is a chaotic experience overall, a lot of moves can happen in a second.

Kittle continued with picking up the phone from the 49ers.

He’s like, ‘hang up on me and answer that, and then I’m talking to John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan saying that they’re drafting and they’re excited to work with me.

George Kittle

And there you have it. One moment Kittle is thinking he is going to Seattle, than the next he is off to the 49ers.


So very, very close.

Imagine the Seahawks offense with DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett and Kittle with Russell Wilson?

This team might look a lot different if we are being honest, the same thing with how the 49ers might look without him.

Again, it’s a different reality than what we live now. This what-if could have been special for the Seahawks.

Years have passed since the 2017 draft, and now we can only look forward to the 2021 NFL draft as the Seahawks three picks are going to be a crucial one for them.

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