NFL, NFLPA extends agreement for daily COVID testing, including bye weeks


The Tennessee Titans were the first organization hit with a small wave of coronavirus positive tests earlier this week.

It has been nonstop daily COVID testing, social distancing and taking the extra precautions to get this 2020 NFL season underway. But in week three, the luck ran its course in Tennessee when three players and five team personnel tested positive. The Titans were hosting the Minnesota Vikings and it was reported Friday morning that no personnel within the Vikings organization has tested positive since that minor outbreak. 

Tennessee's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers this week has been postponed to a later date while the Vikings vs. Texans game on Sunday will play as scheduled.

On Friday, the league released a statement cracking down even harder on daily COVID testing:

“We have extended our agreement with the NFLPA to continue daily COVID testing except for game days, until further notice. BioReference Laboratories has been made aware of this extension and is prepared to continue the current testing cadence.”

This means that players will have to continue to get tested daily, including on bye weeks. 

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For the Seattle Seahawks, that bye week comes in week six of NFL action, in-between Sunday Night Football’s matchup against the Minnesota Vikings in week five and visiting NFC West foe the Arizona Cardinals in Week seven.

Not only will players have to get daily COVID tests during the bye week, but the players and coaches will not be permitted to leave the club city as well, according to the statement.


Should a player miss a test without prior authorization, here is the penalty:

  • First miss: $50,000 fine
  • Second miss: One game suspension without pay
  • Three or more misses: Additional discipline, including suspensions.

The league is doing everything it can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and keep football on televisions on Sundays. 

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