NFL Rumors: Is a Russell Wilson trade still on the table?


Over the last few days, Russell Wilson has evidently been excited about the players that the Seattle Seahawks have signed.

Wilson has taken to Twitter to congratulate and praise his teammates. That has led many to believe that Wilson may be coming around and happy with the Seahawks and that a trade wouldn't be happening.

However, rumor has it that the Wilson trade saga may not be over. As ESPN's Dianna Russini spoke about on Get Up, league sources believe that a trade involving Wilson and the Seahawks could still happen.

Around league circles right now, the talk is that the door is still open for a trade to happen. It just needs to be the right situation. And if this were to actually happen, it's going to be closer to the draft.

Dianna Russini, ESPN's Get Up

This directly echoes what Adam Schefter said about a potential Russell Wilson trade after the Bears signed Andy Dalton. So, it would appear that while a trade is unlikely, it's still a possibility and will be over the course of the next month-plus.

So, why would Wilson be praising his teammates on Twitter if he wasn't happy? Well, as Russini explained, Wilson's problem has never been with his teammates. It has been with the front office.

"His issue isn't his guys," Russini said. "His issue is with the front office and their decisions on this roster and what they're doing."

That certainly makes sense, and Wilson has clashed with Pete Carroll in particular, as the two have different ideas about how to run the Seattle offense. They started to get on the right track by adding Shane Waldron to the fold as offensive coordinator, but there is still something between the two key cogs of this team that isn't working.


That said, there have also been reports that things are "trending in a good direction" between Wilson and the Seahawks. So, if he and Carroll can work things out, this trade speculation will all continue to be moot.

Also, Wilson "has no immediate plans to expand his potential trade list of four teams" according to that report.

If that's true, that means the Chicago Bears would be the only team that really could make a move to get Wilson if things between the Seahawks and him soured. They're the only one of the four teams on the list that would be willing (and able) to part with the resources needed to make a deal come together.

Plus, they have the biggest need at quarterback of the bunch.

At this point, it seems safe to assume that Wilson trade rumors will be buzzing around until the draft passes. Maybe they'll cool down after that, but until he officially plays again in a Seahawks uniform, Seattle fans can't be sure that he is going to stick around.