NFL will bring back alternate color helmets in 2022

The NFL will allow teams to have an alternate helmet starting in the 2022 season.
USA Today Sports

NFL fans that have been clamoring for throwback uniforms to return to the field for years can finally rejoice.

Well, sort of...

The league announced a new policy that will allow teams to use two different helmets starting in 2022. Teams will be able to pair the second helmet with a throwback or Color Rush uniform. 

The NFL had stopped using alternate helmets due to player safety precautions as teams wanted players to have one helmet that fits properly and not have to be altered during the season. The new policy will address concerns by requiring players to have both an alternate and primary helmet fitted during training camp. 

The new rule opens the door to some interesting uniform and helmet combinations and NFL Twitter has already begun to speculate with some interesting mockups. 

The possibilities are endless as the league continues to make changes, (like relaxed jersey numbers), that are sure to engage audiences in the new decade.