Overreaction Monday: Is Lewis is the Seahawks best guard since Hutchinson?


Just because the Seahawks had the weekend off doesn’t mean we skip overreaction Monday. Below is a look at some of your hot takes and my determination as to whether each is an overreaction or not. There are some good ones this week so let’s dive in. Thanks, as always, to those who submitted their takes.

Overreaction? No.

Everything fell the Seahawks way in Week 6. Despite being idle, Seattle now has a two-game lead in the loss column over all three of their division rivals. That’s because the 49ers whooped the Rams on “Sunday Night Football.” The Seahawks are also the only unbeaten team remaining in the NFC after the Packers got pummeled by the Buccaneers.

The fallout of Green Bay’s loss had a positive impact on Russell Wilson’s MVP candidacy. Not only is Wilson still the leader in the clubhouse after Week 6, but he’s got some wiggle room. Aaron Rodgers threw for 160 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions (one was a pick-six) while getting sacked five times. It was an absolute dud of a performance.

That should give Wilson a “get out of jail free card” of sorts to where he can have one subpar game and still be right in the thick of the MVP conversation. Seahawks fans should keep in mind that it’s not just Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes chasing Wilson. Ryan Tannehill is a dark horse in this race and will continue to be for as long as the Titans continue to roll.


Overreaction? Yes.

This is plausible, sure. Seattle is 5-0 and there’s a non-zero chance that the Seahawks run the table over their final 11 games. But with the teeth of the schedule still upcoming, it’s a bit presumptive to give the idea of a perfect record much thought at this point, especially given Seattle's slim margins of victory.

Even though Seattle is likely to be a favorite in every game they play the rest of the way, losing to the Bills or any of the other three NFC West clubs would hardly be that much of an upset. The next five games will be a season-defining gauntlet: Cardinals (x2), Rams, 49ers and Bills. Seattle’s hot start means that going 3-2 in those games would be a massive boost to the Seahawks chances of claiming the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

Let’s revisit this topic if the Seahawks manage to sweep all three of their divisional foes over the next three games.

Overreaction: No.

I do expect, health permitting, that the Seahawks secondary will improve considerably as the season goes on. There’s simply too much talent in the starting lineup for that not to happen. That’s why 20 interceptions for that group isn’t overly ambitious. Seattle’s secondary, despite its early-season struggles, has six picks through five games (excludes K.J. Wright’s interception). That paces out to 19.2 over 16 games.

The Seahawks defense will continue to hang its hat on the ability to force turnovers. I’ll buy this happening. Beyond that, it might be necessary for Seattle to claim the No. 1 seed.

Overreaction: No.

I’d agree with this. After Seattle, I think the Rams are the most unpredictable, the 49ers are the safest choice and the Cardinals have the highest ceiling. Jared Goff’s regular duds make him hard to count on. San Francisco has a championship pedigree, but they rely too heavily on Kyle Shanahan’s offensive ingenuity to scheme easy throws for Jimmy Garoppolo. That’s why Arizona is arguably the scariest challenger to Seattle’s divisional run. The Cardinals have already beaten the 49ers, and Kyler Murray should continue to improve throughout his second NFL season.

Regardless, the Seahawks will likely play all three down to the wire on both occasions.

Overreaction: No.

The Seahawks history of standout guards is sort of like the Mariners dearth of production out of any left fielder. Steve Hutchinson is the only guard in franchise history to ever make a Pro Bowl. Damien Lewis, albeit in just five games, looks to be that caliber of player. Lewis is Pro Football Focus’ 13th-ranked guard with a 75.7 overall grade and a sterling run block grade of 87.8. He’s the real deal and should earn All-Star status sooner rather than later as a cornerstone on the Seahawks offensive line.

Overreaction: Yes.

I’m not sure what the magic number would be in order to feel comfortable pulling starters, but it’s certainly more than 17 points. Beyond that, given the Seahawks affinity for playing nail-biters, I’m not sure we’ll ever find out how big of a lead it would take for Geno Smith to take over for Wilson.