Patriots' Devin McCourty salutes mourning James White after TD


When New England Patriots safety Devin McCourty raced into the end zone in the opening minutes of Sunday Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks, his thoughts quickly went to his mourning teammate James White. 

Russell Wilson’s pass to Luke Willson skipped off the tight end’s hands and fell right to McCourty, who ran it in for an easy 43-yard touchdown. 

When he got there, McCourty turned to the camera and sent a message to White.

“Two-eight, we love you bro,” McCourty said in support of his teammate.

With no fans in attendance, it was clearly audible.

Wilson also showed his support to White before the game by tweeting out that he is praying for him in this tragic time.

White is not playing in today’s game against the Seahawks after it was announced his father was killed in a car accident earlier in the day. His mother, who also in the car, is said to be in critical condition.

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