Pete Carroll reacts to getting hit with 100k fine


The NFL handed out some hefty fines to a lot of head coaches who did not follow the COVID-19 mask-wearing precessions.

One of the names on the list was actually Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

Along with Carroll on this list, San Francisco's Kyle Shanahan, Denver's Vic Fangio, New Orleans' Sean Payton and Las Vegas' Jon Gruden were all fined $100,000 for not having their masks on throughout the game. 

When you add it all up - - it’s about $1 million in fines.

Carroll was disappointed to find out he was fined for not wearing a mask throughout Sunday's win over the New England Patriots.

But he was more disappointed in himself for not doing a better job with what he knows is a serious issue.

"I had a coach who was reminding me about it throughout the game, (running backs coach) Chad Morton was on my ass the whole night. He was reminding me the whole time," Carroll said. "I even changed masks at halftime to find one that worked better. Sometimes you've got to get coached up. Sometimes you have to admit that you screwed up and have got to do better."

During the excitement of the game and the communication aspect of coaching, it is understandable that coaches can lead their guard - and their masks- down during the rush of the game.

Despite the mishap during the game, Carroll made it a point that the Seahawks take these COVID-19 protocols very seriously.

"We wear masks all day at practice, we wear them around the building," Carroll said. "I know it's extremely important to wear masks. Sometimes you've just got to be reminded. Sometimes you've got to get coached up."


League-wide, there were no positive tests among players after administering 36,664 tests to 7,845 players during the week of September 13-19, the league announced Tuesday, and only five positive cases among other league personnel out of 22,590 tests administered.

The NFL is doing its best job to try and keep its players and coaches safe.

With a fine like that to hit your pocket, one would only assume every coach on that list will not make the same mistake next week.

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