Pete Carroll thinks Kaepernick still deserves a shot in the NFL


Before the Seattle Seahawks season gets started this Sunday agains the Falcons, head coach Pete Carroll joined the ‘TODAY show’ on Thursday to answer a wide variety of different questions about the coming NFL season and the team’s precautions around the  COVID-19 pandemic.

During these types of interviews, you can expect unrelated questions regarding something outside of the season ahead.

One of those questions was about Colin Kaepernick. 

In the past, Carroll has said he regretted not signing Kaepernick back in 2017, but the QB situation now for the Seahawks is pretty locked in with the season approaching.

When asked if Kaepernick should play in the NFL again, Carroll had this to say:

“If he wants to play, I wish he could have the chance,” Carroll said. “Its been a long time since he played. He’s got a big world that he’s supporting, he’s got a big message and a lot of work to do and I don’t know where he stands on that at this time. I would always hope that he can get what he wants.”

While Kaepernick still remains unsigned by the NFL, the stance he took back in 2016 to not stand for the national anthem in protest of social injustice and police brutality is finally catching up to today’s NFL and how the league views those topics.

With NFL teams across the league taking a stand on social injustice and police brutality now more than ever, the effect Kaepernick has made is much bigger than the game of football itself.


Will Kaepernick ever play in the NFL again? Who really knows, but the impact is league wide now, and it started with what Kaepernick did back in 2016.

Listen to Coach Carroll’s full interview here.