Pete Carroll was a fan of virtual meetings, may continue to do them this upcoming season


It is safe to say that this last NFL season will be one we will always remember.

The Covid pandemic not only affected the world drastically but also the professional sporting world as well.

And all leagues had to adjust and figure out different ways to do meetings, working out, etc.

The NFL especially had to make the necessary adjustments to make sure the league would still go on. There was a lot of money riding on it.

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Now that the season is over, and things are hopeful that the normal routine will be back for the 2021 season, some of the adaptations made during this last season might stick around.

increased injured reserve return availability and expanded roster rules could be making a return this next season.

One thing that some coaches might want around is the ability for teams to meet at separate locations with virtual meetings.

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is certainly one to want to continue it.

Back before the Seahawks lost to the Los Angels Rams in the wild card round, Carroll said that he felt like meetings done through Zoom actually had a positive impact and engagement from players.

“There’s something about the communication with the Zoom format that has allowed us a really in-depth communication that we would not have thought would exist,” Carroll said.” There’s been a really good relationship with players developed through that, almost the intimacy that you have because it’s almost like it’s one-on-one. And one of the observations is that the players, when they have the opportunity to respond, it seems like they’re more comfortable responding when we’re in these situations.


I think it’s something that we should always use to some extent. There’s something to it.

Pete Carroll

During the offseason, all meetings were done virtual and it wasn’t until training camps in July that players actually saw each other in person.

Obviously, coaches will want players to be there in person more than anything. But it could be possible that some offseason meetings don’t have to be in person and they can be virtual. 

“It’s not nearly the interaction and the fun that it is when you’re together in person and all that,” Carroll said. “There’s a richness to that that you can’t capture any other way. 

Carroll and the coaching staff could do Monday meetings that are after games virtually, which might help players more when it comes to rest and rehab.

It is all up in the air as to how the NFL will look in the coming months, but whatever happens, it seems Carroll is okay with going virtual if need be.