Pete Carroll was ‘very impressed’ with Seahawks’ rookies this season, says future is bright


Just two weeks ago, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Los Angeles Rams to win the NFC West title. On Saturday, the Seahawks completely collapsed 30-20 in a stunning loss to the same Rams team in the NFC Wild Card round of the playoffs.

And just like that, the season is over and now Seattle is heading into the offseason.

A sad day in Seattle indeed, but we have to try and cheer ourselves and look at the positives of the season.

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Yes, the last game was a blunder of one that we all wish we can just forget in an instant, but the Seahawks did have a record of 12-4 in the regular season which stands out as something to be happy about.

The defense improved drastically over the last seven games of the season, and the offense looked to be on track to get back to their ways of how they were in the beginning of the season. Obviously the offense didn't get to the point, but things were on the up and up heading into the postseason.

On Monday's last presser, head coach Pete Carroll tried his best to stay positive while obviously being disappointed that the season ended so quickly on Saturday.

Carroll did spend some time shedding some light about this year's rookie class and how well they played this year, even despite the restrictions from this year's pandemic outbreak.


“I really like the group,” Carroll said, “I thought they just found a way to be a factor and helped us out. Their spirit was really good, they were lead well by their teammates and I say that because there attitude was consistent. They made it through with no freshmen dip or anything like that. We played 17 games and these guys hung through out the whole thing. There is a future to the group from this point."

The Seahawks drafted a total of eight new players to the team in the 2020 NFL draft. Here is what Carroll had to say about some of the rookies and what they contributed to the team this season.

-Darrell Taylor-

We haven’t seen Darrell Taylor. He practiced with us for the first time, and he is going to be a real bright spot.

-Stephen Sullivan and Colby Parkinson-

Sullivan is going to be a bright spot when we get him back as well. Colby Parkinson, who you haven’t seen much of, was impressive to us and is going to be a big factor in the TE spot as a catcher and a blocker. tremendous target, really smart kid. 

-Jordyn Brooks-

Jordyn Brooks was the highlight of it all, he had the best season to contribute out of all the guys and he should have with where we picked him, but he came through beautifully and is going to be a big big factor.

-Deejay Dallas-

Deejay Dalls had a big impression and how he contributed on all the teams and the support groups he did. If you rememberer, he was carrying the ball for us in the middle of the season.

-Damien Lewis-

Of course Damien Lewis, the steadiest out of all the guys. Had the biggest contribution and he played every game. This guy is a championship kid, he is really smart, he is really tough, its not to big for him and he is going to have a great career.

The Seahawks season may be over, but the future is still bright for the organization and what the young guns brought to the table already and what they will do in the years to come.

All we can do now is wait for next season to get going again and see what next year's Seahawks team will look like.

“This is a really good group," Carroll Said, "They will help more next year and will be a much bigger factor next year.”