Rams’ DL Michael Brockers hopes the Seattle Seahawks trade away Russell Wilson


The Russell Wilson trade scenario was a very interesting topic of conversation all last week.

As expected, fans from every team were trying to make some sort of claim to bring Wilson to their team. Heck, even players from Wilson’s list of possible destinations want to bring him on. And why wouldn’t they?

But players from rival teams of the Seahawks have a different viewpoint on this whole matter.

They just don’t want to see Wilson twice a year during the season.

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On Monday, Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Michael Brockers made it clear when he joined NFL Network’s Good Morning Football that he would love to see Wilson out of the NFC West.

"You cross your fingers a little bit," Brockers said. "You hope whatever you hear is true, and he's out of here, so you don't have to chase him around twice a year. 

For the most part, he's a phenomenal player, but if he chooses to leave and leave the division and make it a bit little easier for us, man, to each his own.

Michael Brockers

It’s safe to say every opposing team in the NFC West would agree with Brockers' statement.

If Wilson is gone, that is one less top-tier quarterback they don’t have to deal with twice a year.

With neither Wilson nor the Seahawks making a statement about the plans for each other this year, rumors will continue to spread across social media about a possible trade.


Wilson has a no-trade clause and could dictate where he would want to go if something were to happen.

For now, at least, Brockers will have to worry about Wilson and the Seahawks when the 2021 NFL season kicks off.