Report: Dallas Cowboys no longer interested in free agent LB K.J. Wright


One key competitor that was in the running to try and snag free-agent linebacker K.J. Wright has made it clear they won’t move forward in the process.

According to Mike Fisher, the Cowboys have told Wright's agent that they are not interested in the 31-year-old veteran.

Wright, in the past, has told that “it’s one of the teams he fits in with,” since former Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is now with the Cowboys.

Sadly, for Wright, Dallas didn’t think the fit was there between them.

Wright has spent his entire nine-year career with the Seahawks. Last season, he had a solid outing with 86 tackles, 2.0 sacks, and an interception.

Even with his age, he still provides a solid defensive presence with the Seahawks.

Early in the offseason, Wright expressed he will not be taking a “hometown discount” with Seattle because he wants to get paid.

With free agency slowly winding down, Wright still doesn’t have a team to call home yet.

And as much as he doesn’t want a discount, he might have to.

The Seahawks cap situation has been the main topic of conversation all offseason. As it stands, the teams' cap space is at $5.865 million.

Seattle could get creative with Wright’s contract, but that is in the hands of John Schneider and Wright’s agent to figure all that out.

Wright is still in limbo with no other reports of teams wanting to snag him.


The hope is that Wright does come back to Seattle and provide for the defensive like he has done his whole career.

The discount might hurt, but sometimes that is the reality of the situation you are in.