Report: NFL set to announce 17-game regular season schedule


The NFL is looking to make a big change in the regular season schedule for the first time in a long time.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the NFL will be announcing an expansion to go from 16 regular-season games to a 17-game regular season.

Back in February, Mark Maske from the Washington Post reported that the league was considering the change, as well as reducing preseason games to just three.

Even as soon as the 2021 season.

Since 1978, the NFL has played 16 games in the regular season.

NBC’s own Peter King broke down some major expectations for a 17-game season back in February as well:

  • There will be no extra bye week—there will be 17 games across 18 weekends.
  • The Super Bowl—scheduled for Feb. 6—will likely be pushed back one week to Feb. 13. 
  • The two conferences are expected to swap hosting extra week of the season every year—the AFC will have the honors of hosting the 17th game in 2021, though Maske reported on Friday that may change in 2022, when the league wants to use some of those games as neutral-site contests for international play. 

King also mentioned that the 17th game will be played between cross-conference opponents based on the 2020 standings.

Per John Breech of CBS Sports laid out the following matchups. And the Seattle Seahawks are expected to play the Pittsburgh Steelers.


  • Packers at Chiefs
  • Bears at Raiders
  • Vikings at Chargers
  • Lions at Broncos
  • Seahawks at Steelers
  • Rams at Ravens
  • Cardinals at Browns
  • 49ers at Bengals
  • Saints at Titans
  • Buccaneers at Colts
  • Panthers at Texans
  • Falcons at Jaguars
  • Washington at Bills
  • Giants at Dolphins
  • Cowboys at Patriots
  • Eagles at Jets 

The vote for the purposed new schedule is expected to start on either Tuesday or Wednesday.