Report: Richard Sherman 'open' to returning to Seattle Seahawks


Could there be a 'Legion of Boom' reunion of sorts? 

The San Francisco 49ers are going in a different direction with their secondary, and that included the team not re-signing Richard Sherman.

Sherman’s 2020 season only saw him appear in five games, as he suffered a calf injury during Week 1.

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At 33-years-old, he’s looking for a job, and one possibility is a reunion with the Seattle Seahawks, according to ESPN. A team he spent the first seven seasons of his career with, which included a Super Bowl.

“I’m told that this is not off the table, that Sherman is still open to returning to the Legion of Boom or what remains of it,” Fowler said, via 247Sports. “He makes a home on the West Coast still, still has a home in Seattle. Most people think he’d like to still play on the West Coast. And so, Seattle needs some cornerback help. Nothing’s working right now, but maybe closer to training camp something can shake out. Seattle needs to figure out the (Jamal) Adams money allocation before they take resources elsewhere. ‘Cause a guy like Sherman, he’s not going to take the minimum. This is a high-caliber player that would need a decent contract.”


It is interesting Sherman is still on the market after one below-average season. Although he’s still available, he and the 49ers haven’t ruled out a reunion.

“Sherm is in a good situation,” Shanahan said Friday. “He is a businessman, and he is going to find out the best opportunity for him. I know teams are going to want him, but when you’re in a situation like him at his age [33], which these guys do, when you have the credentials he does, you sit back and you watch it.

“You find the best opportunity for yourself. I know Sherm is probably going to want to go to a contender, just knowing him and how competitive he is. He will sit back and be smart and make the best decision for himself, but when you got a guy you trust and you know how competitive he is, no, we would never rule him out.”

At this stage in Sherman’s career, he’s let it known he only wants to be on a contender. The 49ers could return to that if most of their starters remain healthy.

Although a return to where it all started could be a full-circle moment for him and the Seahawks organization.