Report: Russell Wilson demanded Seattle change its offensive philosophy


The 12s had one message this offseason: "Let Russ cook."

The phrase has been echoed among Seahawks fans for years but gained exponentially more support this past offseason. The goal is for Seattle to play more aggressively on offense from the jump rather than waiting to comeback and win games in the fourth quarter. 

For years, Seattle would rather run the ball and control the clock rather than attack downfield and get the defense on its heels. 

But during Week 1 of the 2020 NFL Season, the Seahawks looked to have taken the criticism to heart and played aggressively from the jump.

No play embodied the new philosophy more than when Pete Carroll elected to go for it on fourth-and-five from the Atlanta 38-yard line. The result? A 38-yard touchdown strike to DK Metcalf. 

What changed? Well, reportedly Wilson demanded it.

During Sunday Night Football, Mike Florio of NBC Sports reported that Wilson told the team "he wanted greater urgency from the offense earlier in the game."

"He told me he's made that clear to the team and we saw that manifest itself today," said Florio. 

That wasn't all, though. The NBC Sports analyst also added an interesting tidbit that a source told him: “If they don’t start letting [Russell Wilson] cook, it’s going to be time to start baking his farewell cake.” 

After Sunday's performance, it appears that Seattle got the message and the team is all the better for it.


"Russell Wilson talked all offseason long about wanting to score as many points as possible and wanting to be as aggressive in quarters one through three as you are in quarter four," said NBC Sports NW Seahawks Insider Joe Fann on the Brian Noe Show Monday morning.

Fann also didn't think that Seattle goes for the fourth-and-five last year but this year, the Seahawks appear to be following Russ' lead.

In fact facing the fourth-and-five and seeing the Falcons defense celebrating getting off the field, Wilson said he "kind of just looked to the sideline and said, ‘Let’s go after them.’”

Will this be a long-term shift? That remains to be seen.

"Worth noting, not overreacting, but at least for one game we saw at least a little bit of shift in philosophy," added Fann.

Next, the Seahawks will host the New England Patriots (1-0) who also love to grind out games like the Seahawks of old. Will Seattle revert back to its old ways or is this new, aggressive style here to stay? 

Hopefully, it's the latter.