Report: Seahawks’ Russell Wilson likes the Bears’ o-line, what Matt Nagy brings to the table


The trade rumors surrounding Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has picked up a lot of steam this whole week.

Once the Seahawks announced how unhappy they were with Wilson publicly airing out his frustration to the world, all cards were off the table.

And the team now is answering calls about trade possibilities for Wilson, as reported by Dianna Russini of ESPN.

So now we know the Seahawks are at least listening and answering phone calls now.

For Seahawks fans, it seems things are escalating rather quickly than expected.

But hey, here we are now.

On the same day, Russini reported that news, ESPN’s Jeremey Fowler reported that Wilson really likes Chicago and what they got going on.

Apparently, Wilson really likes Matt Nagy as a coach and also likes what the Bears have on the offensive line and how it is improving.

According to PFF, the Chicago Bears offensive line ranked 20th by the end of the season.

They didn’t start out hot, but towards the end of the season, they did improve when they made roster adjustments to the line.

The run game improved and felt most of the improvements, where running back David Montgomery finishing as the league’s sixth-leading rusher.

However, the Bears did allow 36 sacks on their quarterback for the season. Not as bad as Seahawks' 46 sacks allowed, but it is still a high number.


So, we have a report that the Seahawks are taking and answering calls, and the Wilson really likes what the Bears have going for them as a team.

What does this all mean? Who really knows anymore.

All this could be just smoke because both Seattle and Wilson are just upset with each other right now.

A meeting could happen next week, and all this could just be over and the offseason will continue on as the Seahawks will try their best to make sure he is happy as the season approaches.

Fans of other teams are excited of course, but Seahawks fans might not be thinking too much into it until something concrete actually happens.

The likelihood Wilson is out of Seattle this year is highly unlikely, but next year might be a different story. 

But when there is smoke, usually there is fire. Will just wait and see if this fire grows bigger anytime soon.