Richard Sherman compares this 49ers WR to Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch

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There aren't a lot of football players that can play with a similar style to Marshawn Lynch. During his days with the Seattle Seahawks, he was effectively a human battering ram out of the backfield and it would take several tacklers to bring him down.

But apparently, one of Lynch's old teammates sees similarities between Lynch and another member of the San Francisco 49ers.

That would be Deebo Samuel. Richard Sherman compared Lynch and Samuel while he and Trent Williams discussed some of the best athletes they've faced on a recent episode of The Cris Collinsworth Podcast.

This seems like a pretty good comparison. Samuel has been a force during his career, and he has averaged 3.2 yards after contact on his 22 carries and 9.7 yards after the catch. He fights through contact like Lynch did, and as Sherman pointed out, that's a rare trait.

"It's something you definitely never see in receivers, sometimes you see it out of running backs," Sherman said of Samuel. "He is just like a hunter for contact. And he always thinks he's getting through it."

"He's got contact balance out of this world," Williams respond.

But how does that compare to Lynch? Well, the tape would show that Lynch's contact balance and ability to obliterate opposing defenders while generating yardage, but Sherman had a better way to describe it.

"Marshawn is like running into a moving car," Sherman said. "You better just take the impact."


Samuel isn't at that level yet, but since the two are virtually the same size (both are 5-foot-11 while Lynch is one pound heavier than the 214-pound Samuel), the comparison would seem to be a valid one.

Seahawks fans better hope that Samuel doesn't become the same through-contact player as Lynch. If he does, he could be a thorn in Seattle's side for years to come.