Richard Sherman says it’s ‘been made clear’ he won’t be returning to 49ers next season


It looks like former Seattle Seahawk All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman won’t be returning back to the Bay in the 2021 NFL season.

In an interview with the Sacramento Bee on Wednesday, Sherman said it was made “pretty clear” that he won’t be coming back to the San Francisco 49ers.

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He said he felt the split was inevitable after a recent conversation with with head coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch. 

“It was a good conversation, nothing crazy," Sherman said in a phone conversation with The Bee.  "Just a good conversation about where they are and where I am, and their plans. We were both very positive and as good as you can be in a situation like this.”

This may be somewhat surprising news to fans, but I can ensure you that Sherman will not be making his way to Seattle in free agency for a reunion.

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The NFL announced earlier on Thursday that the salary cap would be at least at $180 million, and the Seahawks have other priorities they need to focus on rather than the return of 32-year-old Sherman.


Sherman will find himself a home and a team that will take him for two more seasons, and I assume it will be a team that is going to be in contention for a championship run.

Just don’t expect Sherman to be coming back to Seattle as his career wraps up.