Sherman's wife tells 911 dispatcher NFL star threatened suicide


A 911 call between a woman who identifies herself as Ashley Sherman, the wife of former Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, and a 911 dispatcher was released Wednesday by Seattle-Tacoma radio station KIRO-FM.

The free-agent NFL star was arrested early Wednesday morning and is being held in a Seattle, Wash. jail while under investigation for a charge of residential burglary, as well as suspicion of hit-and-run, DUI and malicious mischief.

The 911 call can be heard in its entirety right here.

Below is a transcription of the phone call between Ashley Sherman and the 911 dispatcher. It has been edited slightly for clarity, and also includes brief interactions with another person who can be heard on the phone at the Sherman home.

Dispatcher: 911 what are you reporting?

Ashley Sherman (AS): I need officers to my house now. My husband is drunk and belligerent and is threatening to kill himself.

Dispatcher: Stop, stop. What's the address? Are there any weapons? Stop.

AS: We took ...

Dispatcher: Listen to me.

AS: No there's no guns... I'm saying, there are no weapons, ma’am. There are no weapons.

Dispatcher: Let me finish. You need to stop interrupting me so I can give the information I need to get officers expedited.

AS: I need officers here now.

Dispatcher: What's he doing that you think he's going to harm himself?


AS: He’s being aggressive. He has sent text messages.

Person at Sherman home: [Inaudible]

AS to person at Sherman home: I took the keys out, they're in your car.

AS to dispatcher: He’s trying to leave now and being aggressive and he's wrestling with my uncle. He is threatening to kill himself. He has sent text messages to people saying he is going to hang himself. And he's saying that if the police show up -- "please don’t shoot" is what I’m asking.

Dispatcher: Say that again? He said that if the police show up what?

AS: He said if the police show up he will try to fight them. So they need to understand that he is ...

Dispatcher: OK. Has he been physical with anybody there? You said he is trying to fight your uncle.

AS: Yes, it has.

Dispatcher: How has it been physical?

AS: He just tried to fight him...

Dispatcher: OK. Trying to fight somebody and actually being physical are two different things. How has it been physical?

AS: It's a 2016 black Mercedes ... "Richard, please stop. Richard, please stop. Please stop!”

Dispatcher: Is that a sedan or SUV?

AS: It’s a black sedan Mercedes SUV. He is not going to be able to get out of the gate, I cut it off. 

Dispatcher: What do you mean you cut it off? 

AS: I cut the gate. We live behind a gate. It’s Richard Sherman. Ma'am. This is like a f--king emergency. I need officers here now. 

Dispatcher: Listen to me. I am handling this. You need to stop telling me that. Talking to me is not going to slow help down.

AS: [Inaudible] ...OK well what I need to know is that ...

Dispatcher: What is your name? 

AS: My name is Ashley Sherman. 

Dispatcher: Do you know what his date of birth is?

AS: 3/30/88

Dispatcher: Slow down so I can understand you.

AS: March 30, 1988.

Dispatcher: Do you need an ambulance there? You said it was physical?

AS: No. We don’t need an ambulance. 

Dispatcher: He does not have any weapons, or access to weapons? 

AS: No. No.

Dispatcher: How much did he have to drink tonight? 

AS: Two bottles. 

Dispatcher: Two bottles of what? 

Person at Sherman home: Ma'am, ma'am.

AS: Vodka and Hennessy.

Dispatcher: OK, so hard alcohol.

Person at Sherman home: Just alcohol. He's intoxicated. He needs ...

Dispatcher: OK sir, I'm only going to talk to one person. So please put the phone down while I talk to Ashley.


AS: Is help ... is the Sheriff on the way? 

Dispatcher: Listen ... it's over on dispatch. Talking to me is not going to slow anything else down.