Russell Wilson and Ciara are living their best life with sharks despite Seahawks turmoil


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been in the news recently for a lot of the wrong reasons when it comes to his relationship with the organization as a whole.

But that doesn’t seem to be stopping him from enjoying his vacation that he is currently on.

Wilson and his wife, Ciara, have been taking their offseason touring in Mexico, where they have been showing off their time together all throughout social media.

Now the two are taking the vacation to the next level.

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Wilson posted a video of him and his wife swimming with actual real sharks in the water.

If we are looking at what Wilson has been in the news for recently, this has to be some subliminal messaging behind this, no?

Sharks swimming around him, teams surrounding the Seahawks to see what they can get for him. 

It's all there, and Wilson knows what he is doing when he posts stuff like this. Everything the man does seems planned out.

Either way, both Ciara and Wilson are brave to get into the water full of sharks. 

Most people would try and stir far away from all of that, but the couple seems to want the danger.

Wilson still has some time before the new NFL league year kicks off, and the man seems to be staying busy even on vacation.


The veteran quarterback is having a lot of fun, but you can expect him to be ready once the new season gets back going.