Russell Wilson and USWNT legends invest in MOJO youth sports app


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson loves to stay busy in the offseason.

Especially when it comes to investing in businesses that can help pave the way for the future.

Its commonplace for new coaches to look up “youth sports drills” to help them get started on their new journey of helping the youth and in coaching them.

Youtube is probably the main place people go to for these drills, and some can be really good, but for the most part, people don’t know what they are talking about.

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But Wilson, as well as Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff, are helping launch something that should be the singular place on where parent coaching go for drills for young athletes.

On Tuesday, the app Wilson is partnered with called MOJO officially made its launch. 

The app is called a “one-stop, coach-in-a-boc” former that will blend instructional know-how with ease for parent coaches.

The ultimate goal is to make youth sports appealing for parents and kids to make drills and coaching fun for everyone.

The MOJO app was founded by Ben Sherwood, a former co-chairman of the Disney Medai Networks, and Reed Shaffner, a tech veteran who has spent more than four years at Microsoft and also worked on “Words With Friends”.

The ideal target for MOJO is coaches instructing kids between the ages of 4 and 13.


The ideal sweet spot for kids who want to try out a sport for the first time, as well as parents who want to start coaching for the first time.

The app helps build out personalized coaching plans practice by practice and also the coaches to give feedback as well. As the coaches and kids get better, the app adds one more drills that are destined to help increased skills.

Along with Wilson as a founding partner, MOJO U.S. Women’s National Team stars Julie Foudy and Brandi Chastrain will be representing the athletic advisory board.

“I actually think that in addition to being a great coach, he will be an extremely successful entrepreneur,” Sherwood said of Wilson’s long-term trajectory, “When he’s not playing football, he’s very interested in building businesses, and he resonated with our notion that we were trying to build the world’s first family sports brand.”

MOJO has a free version that includes basic content, with one practice per week for one team. There is also a MOJO+ that’s $19.99 a year that includes premium content with unlimited practices for unlimited teams.

It is also the perfect time for MOJO to launch as well, as spring soccer is just right around the corner.

One thing for certain about Wilson is this: the man knows how to look outside the career of just playing on the football field.