Russell Wilson breaks down the inside joke that led to his Mr. Unlimited persona


Long before Let Russ Cook took over the Internet, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson introduced the world to his alter ego. His name is Mr. Unlimited.

In a video the seven-time Pro Bowler shared on social media two years ago, Wilson explains that he gains motivation from the other side of his personality, known as Mr. Unlimited.

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The cringeworthy clip took on a life of its own with Twitter roasting Wilson for his odd, self-recorded video.

But on Wednesday, the guys at Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take finally got to the bottom of Wilson’s Mr. Unlimited persona, which even the 32-year-old admits he got a good laugh from.  

“No, I laughed actually at the fact that I did that,” Wilson said. “It’s a whole inside joke.”


Wilson went on to explain that Mr. Unlimited is a mentality thing-- that the ceiling is high when he’s Mr. Unlimited, and no one can stop him from accomplishing his goals.  

“I think Mr. Unlimited comes from this idea that in the midst of a season, in the midst of life, you’ve got to be able to one, first of all have fun and joke around, and also two, you’ve got to kind of have this killer instinct, you know no matter what you do,” Wilson explained. “You’ve got to have this other side of you. This is kind of the other side of me, Mr. Unlimited. Just that mentality that anything’s possible and you can do anything and overcome anything, so that’s where Mr. Unlimited comes from.

“It comes from this idea that no matter what it looks like, no matter what anyone says, you can’t waver.”

Wilson’s career continues to trend toward a Hall of Fame trajectory, but the Super Bowl champion can’t seem to shake his alter ego, even now. The Seahawks are 8-4 and battling for playoff positioning in the NFC West’s juggernaut. It’s no easy feat for Wilson, or Mr. Unlimited.

“I think even right now, we’re battling, we’re fighting for the playoffs and everything else, the mentality that you can overcome anything and be ready to roll each week,” Wilson said. 

You’ve got to be Unlimmmited.

- Russell Wilson on Mr. Unlimited

Wilson will need to channel as much as Mr. Unlimited as he can down the stretch of the NFL regular season if he wants to give the Seahawks a fighting chance at a deep playoff run.

After beginning the season as MVP frontrunner, Wilson has pulled off the ultimate disappearing act. The Seahawks are now 2-3 in their last five games, with Wilson throwing for six touchdowns and five interceptions. His passer rating has regressed from a 129.8 rating over the season’s first five weeks to 88.8 in the recent five-game span.

There's no better time than now for Mr. Unlimited to take over.