Wilson calls plays on fourth-quarter TD drive after Seahawks headsets falter


Russell Wilson confirmed that the Seahawks headsets went out during the team’s fourth quarter touchdown drive that resulted in a 17-yard touchdown pass to David Moore.

Seattle was leading the Dolphins, 17-15, when the drive began with 8:31 left in the game. Wilson explained that he lost communication with the coaching staff after the first play of the series, a 9-yard completion to Tyler Lockett.

From there, Wilson took over as Seattle’s de-facto offensive coordinator.

“We were rolling and I was just calling plays. I saw an opportunity to get the ball to D-Mo, and sure enough he makes a great play in the back corner of the end zone.”

Here’s the full play-by-pay of that six-play, 75-yard touchdown drive.

-- 9-yard pass to Lockett

-- Chris Carson 9-yard run

-- 30-yard pass to Lockett

-- DeeJay Dallas 2-yard run

-- Dallas 9-yard run

-- 17-yard TD pass to Moore

On the scoring play, Wilson caught Miami in a substitution. Seattle snapped the ball when the Dolphins had 12 men on the field, making it a free play. The Seahawks capitalized on the completion to Moore.

You’ll recall a similar situation took place last year in Cleveland against the Browns. The headset in Wilson’s helmet went out and instead of calling timeout, he led a touchdown drive on that occasion, too.

“I’m always prepared for those moments, just knowing the game plan and knowing the plays,” Wilson said. “Being ready to call two-minute plays. All that stuff.”


Wilson finished the game with 360 passing yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Moore posted 95 yards and his second touchdown of the season.

The Seahawks are now 4-0 for the first time since 2013, the same year Seattle won the franchise’s first Super Bowl.