Russell Wilson channels his inner Bane in new workout video


Despite all the rumors and media circus that has been surrounding Seahawks QB Russell Wilson this offseason, the man never seems to skip a workout.

Wilson’s workouts usually consist of him doing some throwing drills, stretching, and always staying on the move.

This new workout, however, features Wilson in a mask.

And features a quote from the Batman villain Bane.

The quote itself is from the ‘Dark Knight Rises’, where Bane tells Batman that the darkness is his alley, not the other way around.

Is Wilson trying to send some sort of cryptic message in this video?

Will we see a darker more serious version of the franchise quarterback this year with all the trade rumors somewhat put to bed?

That could honestly be the case for this coming season.

All we know is that Seahawk fans can finally take one big sigh of relief and know that Wilson will be coming back as their quarterback for this coming season.