Russell Wilson conspiracy theorists should be embarrassed after Andy Dalton signs with Bears


The big bang that Chicago Bears fans had been hoping for will never come to be. 

On Tuesday, the Bears signed Andy Dalton to a one-year deal, effectively ending Chicago's pursuit of the dejected Seahawks QB.

Bears fans were all-in on Russell Wilson, too.

Ever since Russell Wilson named the Chicago Bears as one of four places he'd wave his no-trade clause for, Chicago Bears fans have been putting on a full-court press to recruit Wilson to the Windy City. 

Current Bears players were even tweeting at Wilson.

And NBC Sports Chicago even became a Russell Wilson fan account.

Bears fans were proven to be as delusional as they were desperate. 

They're literally grasping at any straws they can to help fit their narrative. 

Case and point, when Josina Anderson tweeted one word with no context, Bears fans went into a frenzy: 

They connected it to a possible trade for the current Seahawks quarterback-- because, of course.

That’s it. That’s all it took.

Bears fans started speculating that not only is a Russell Wilson trade imminent.

These theories are incredible.

And they don't end.

When it didn't happen when they thought it would, they just pushed the date back. Trust the process. 

Then, there was this guy using a creepy voice changer. 

It's all kind of embarrassing now, in hindsight. Right?

It was a sad, desperate attempt at ignoring the fact that the Bears are trapped in a vortex of dysfunction and are dangling shiny objects to divert people's attention away from it.


I know that is a sad reality to go back to, but it's your reality.