Russell Wilson discusses desire to own the Seahawks with Mark Cuban


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was fired up when he was joined by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on his DangerTalk podcast: "We need to talk about the Sonics!"

“I voted against them leaving, so I’m right there with you,” Cuban said. “I think we need a team there, too.”

The Sonics were sold in 2006 and relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008. It was a controversial move and one that remains contentious to this day. 

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“Seattle’s the best, best place,” Wilson said. “If anyone needs basketball, it’s Seattle. Just the tradition of basketball in Washington is amazing. But, we need to fight for that.”

Cuban is confident a team will make its way back to Seattle eventually. 

“If we expand, there’s a couple of cities and Seattle’s probably right at the top of the list, Cuban said. “But, I can’t say when we’re going to expand. I just don’t know.”

The two also discussed what it’s like to own a team, develop a championship culture and share goals around sports team ownership. 

Cuban purchased a majority stake in the Mavericks in 2000 for $285 million. The team is currently valued at $2.3 billion. 

“It takes so much energy and so much emotional capital,” Cuban said. “If you’re just going to be a minority owner, then it’s cool— then you just have fun with it. When you’ve got to look at a text to see if you’re making a trade, that’s a whole different beast because that just consumes you."


That commitment to owning a team is something that interests Wilson, even if it takes a lot of energy. 

“I’m 31 years old. I’m fired up to get there. I would love to own the Seattle Seahawks one day. The city is so special. That would be one of my biggest goals.”

Wilson has dipped his toe in investing in sports. He and his wife Ciara invested in the Portland Diamond Project, which is effort to bring Major League Baseball to Portland.

The Seahawks QB expressed how meaningful it would be as a black man to own a major sports team.

Should Wilson eventually have the opportunity to purchase the Seahawks, he may have to execute the transaction with Jody Allen, the sister to the late Paul Allen. Of course, Jody Allen also owns the Trail Blazers. 

Cuban, who worked alongside Paul Allen for years, had nothing but praise for Jody and her management of the Trail Blazers franchise.

“I was really disappointed because when Jody took over, I was hoping she’d be no good,” Cuban joked. “And she’s been really good. Because I just want to kick their ass every time when we play the Blazers. But, she’s done a great job. She deserves a ton of credit.” 

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