Russell Wilson gave Carlos Dunlap assurance he'd be with Seahawks in 2021


The Seahawks offseason has been filled with rumors as to whether or not Russell Wilson will be the team's quarterback in 2021. The saga began after the Super Bowl when Wilson publicly aired his frustrations about his lack of pass protection as well as desires to be more heavily involved in personnel decisions.

Things escalated when his agent Mark Rodgers notified Adam Schefter about the four teams Wilson would accept a trade to (he has a no-trade clause). Everything crescendoed when it was reported that the Bears were going all-in on a trade offer to get Wilson that included three first-round picks and two starters.

Seattle rejected the offer, and rumors have died down in recent weeks. However, even just on Monday, Schefter remained steadfast that Wilson could be moved this offseason.

That would be news to Carlos Dunlap. Prior to the pass rusher re-signing with Seattle on a two-year, $16.6 million deal, he wanted confirmation that Wilson would remain with the Seahawks this season. He chatted with the franchise QB before pen hit paper on the contract.

"I did ask him if he's going to be with us, because if I'm coming back, I'm coming back because I see him as my quarterback. And the rest of the team, I want to pick up where we left off. He told me that he's with us, and he's here to stay. He said, 'Go Hawks.' I'm not going to quote his every word. These words are not his words verbatim, but this is my explanation of how I interpreted what he said."


Dunlap is yet another Seahawks "newcomer" to reference excitement to play with Wilson. Gabe Jackson said last week that he was eager to block for Wilson and shared with reporters that the quarterback reciprocated that eagerness to play together. Gerald Everett told Seattle media that he is currently figuring out logistics in order to work out with Wilson this offseason.

All of this, in addition to just how many barriers exist in order to execute a potential trade (dead cap space, needing a path to another QB, needing multiple first-rounders, etc.), keeps the arrow pointing to Wilson running it back with the Seahawks for at least another year.