Russell Wilson may finally earn MVP vote in 2020 if Pete Carroll let's him cook


Move order Gordon Ramsay, it's time to let Russ cook.

Russell Wilson, the star quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, has been one of the best players in football in recent years. 

In the lead-up to Sunday's game against the Patriots, New England head coach Bill Belichick called Wilson "underrated," and Belichick knows a thing or two about great quarterbacks.

Honestly, I think he’s in a way maybe underrated by the media or the fans, I don’t know. I don’t really see anybody better than this player.

Bill Belichick

This is when the mantra "Let Russ Cook" comes in. Fans wanting Coach Carroll to loosen the reins on this underrated monster and let him show off to the best of his God-given ability.

Letting him loose will only benefit you, because when you let Russ cook it's anything but a Kitchen Nightmare... unless you're one of the 11 players on the defensive side of the ball.

Wilson is off to an incredible start in 2020. He has the fifth-most passing yards in the league with 610, but has done so on just 63 attempts. For comparison, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen leads the league with 729 passing yards but has passed the ball nearly 20 more times.

Wilson is second in the league with a 9.7 yards per pass average, and he leads the league in touchdown passes (9), completion percentage (.825), and quarterback rating (140).

So, with numbers like that, is 2020 the year Wilson finally gets his name in the MVP conversation?

Wilson is entering his ninth season in the NFL, is a six-time Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl champion, yet he has never received a single vote in the MVP race.


Let’s just call a spade a spade - Russell Wilson is being disrespected. He said so himself back in May.

Come on? No votes at all? What more do I have to do around here, huh? I’m just saying, can we get a few votes here or there? Why not?

Russell Wilson

Now, let's not take away from Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, the 2018 and 2019 MVPs respectively. Those two were more than deserving, but for Wilson to not receive a single vote is just head-scratching.

Perhaps the best player isn't always the one walking away with all the hardware. Just look at the NBA.

Controversy has surrounded the 2019-2020 MVP of Giannis Antetokounmpo with arguments abound that LeBron James was robbed. There is little doubt that even at 35-years-old James is the best basketball player on the planet and has been for more than a decade, but he only has four MVP awards to show for it. I say "only" because it should have been more.

James didn't shoot the three like '14-'15,'15-16 MVP Steph Curry. James didn't rack up triple-doubles like '16-17 MVP Russell Westbrook. James didn't light up the scoreboard like '17-'18 MVP James Harden. Yet, even in the years he didn't take home the award, he was still the best player in the game.

Wilson is much the same.

He has never rushed for 1,000+ yards like 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson did from the quarterback position last season. He has never passed for 50 touchdowns like 2018 MVP Patrick Mahomes. He has never passed for more than 4,500 yards like 2017 MVP Tom Brady (who also threw 50 touchdowns in his 2007 MVP season).

The list goes on. The point is, Wilson's stats have never been as flashy as some other quarterbacks around the league, but you would still be hard-pressed to find a coach that wouldn't want Wilson under center.

For Wilson, an MVP nod would be nice, but it's not what his mind is set on.

“I’m trying to go somewhere, you know what I mean? I’m trying to help take this team somewhere special," Wilson told NBC Sports' Peter King. "It takes a lot of hard work. It takes everyone. It’s not just me. I’ve always strived to be the best in the world. I wanna lead my team.”

As King points out, this might finally be the season Wilson leads the MVP race.

"This game showed us so much of Wilson’s talent—even when he was throwing incompletions. Wilson knows when it’s smart to throw it away and live for the next down."

Here's a play King highlighted where Wilson lived for the next down. 


Wilson is arguably the best quarterback in football, but he is just lacking the overall statistical output for MVP.

If stats are what get you MVP votes, then there is only one way to make sure Wilson gets the in the conversation... Let Russ Cook.


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