Russell Wilson officially joins Madden 99 Club


The Seattle Seahawks are off to a red-hot start this season due in large part to the heroics of their quarterback and MVP front-runner Russell Wilson.

With 19 passing touchdowns, 1,502 passing yards, and a 5-0 start to the season, it's hard to argue that anyone else in the league is playing at his level right now.

With all that he has done this season, the veteran quarterback has officially been added to the  99 Club in Madden NFL ’21.

And it was DK Metcalf who let Wilson know about the honors. 

Before being added to the list, Wilson was the second highest-rated quarterback in the game with a 97 rating. Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes was ahead of him with a 99 rating.

With the addition of Wilson, there are currently six members of the 99 club in this year’s Madden, which include: Mahomes, Aaron Donald, Christian McCaffery, Michael Thomas and Stephon Gilmore.