Russell Wilson posts workout video with pointed message amid drama with Seahawks


Russell Wilson's name has been in the headlines quite a lot over the last few weeks.

It all started when he expressed his frustrations with the Seattle Seahawks' blocking. The Seahawks weren't pleased with his decision to do such, nor were they happy about the trade rumors that flew around in the aftermath of his comments.

However, on Thursday, things once again came to a head when a story about Wilson and the Seahawks broke. The story highlighted growing tensions between Wilson and Seattle's coaching staff, and it even detailed an instance when Wilson "stormed out" of a meeting when he felt like his input wasn't being valued.

Shortly thereafter, it was reported that Wilson wanted to stay in Seattle. . . but if traded, he would only approve a deal to four specific teams.

Amid all the noise, Wilson took to Twitter and posted a workout video with a pointed message. The video was simply captioned: "All Fuel." 

Message received.

Regardless of what happens in the coming weeks, Wilson is going to be putting his best foot forward. He wants to play for the Seahawks, and it seems probable that the two sides will be able to work something out and find a way to coexist as they have for the previous nine seasons.

And on the off-chance that things deteriorate, Wilson will be ready to go for whatever team successfully acquires him.