Russell Wilson predicted to win MVP by NFL Live host Ryan Clark


On Friday's preview of this weekend's slate of NFL games, ESPN's NFL Live panel looked at Seattle's Sunday Night matchup with New England with both hosts choosing a Seahawks victory.

But, one host went above and beyond with his praise. Ryan Clark predicted that this is the season Russell Wilson not only earns his first MVP vote, but wins the award. 

"This is the year. You know how it happens. Pat[rick Mahomes] got his and Lamar [Jackson] got his," said Clark. "Every year everybody's like 'Oh man, Russel Wilson's right there but this dude had a better year. Russell Wilson's right there but this dude had a better year.' You heard what Bill Belichick said, he believes that Russell Wilson is underrated by the media and sometimes the fans but he didn't say it was coaches and players because everybody understands what he's done with less on that offense of Seattle."

Leading into Sunday's matchup, the Patriots head coach said he thinks “he’s in a way may be underrated by the media or the fans" and he doesn't "really see anybody better" than Wilson. 

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Clark after making his prediction backed it up by raving about Wilson's "amazing" opening performance to the season. 

"He was amazing in Week 1. The way he threw the ball down the field. He basically dropped it on top of the floor for DK Metcalf to score. Even using his legs outside of the pocket. It's amazing what he's done throughout his career but I believe that last week was the best I've ever seen him and I look for that to continue against a very good New England Patriots defense."


He's right. Wilson played nearly perfect in Atlanta completing 31 of 35 passes for 322 yards, with four touchdowns and no interceptions in a dominant 38-25 victory. 

What changed this season? Wilson's always been one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the NFL, but now the team wants to give him more opportunities to play like it. 

The 12s have wanted Pete Carroll and the Seahawks to "let Russ Cook" for seasons but the volume reached an all-time high this offseason not just from the fans, but Russell Wilson himself. 

Mike Florio of NBC Sports reported Wilson told the team "he wanted greater urgency from the offense earlier in the game" this offseason and it appears the staff took his words seriously from last Sunday's performance.

"I cannot believe that no one has ever voted for Russell Wilson [to] win MVP," added host Laura Rutledge.

Neither can we, Laura. Hopefully, that changes this season.

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