Russell Wilson reiterates his unrelenting desire to one day own an NFL team


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson knows how to stay busy outside of playing on the football field on Sunday’s.

From his podcast, visiting kids at the Seattle hospital, and other business ventures, he's got a lot to keep up with.

Wilson and his wife, Ciara, are also part of a Seattle Sounders ownership group. It's something the veteran quarterback was more than excited to be apart of back in Aug of 2019.

He's also part of the investment group trying to bring MLB to Portland. 

And don’t expect Wilson to stop there when it comes to ownership, because he seems to have a lot of plans to do more than just that after his career in football is over.

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Throughout Super Bowl week, players from across the league participate in the fanfare surrounding the big game. 

Wilson was one of the players on the list and joined Sports Illustrated on Friday to discuss a variety of topics, including broadcasting and franchise ownership.

He said he would ‘love to broadcast’ at some point, but his real passion is to one day own an NFL team.

“I want to own a team one day, that is my goal,” said Wilson. “To own a team and to be able to help them get to multiple Super Bowls, that is my #1 focus. Along the way, broadcasting it cool as well.”


Wilson has expressed his interest to own an NFL team before with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, but it was more directed at owning the Seattle Seahawks in that conversation.

[Reference: Russell Wilson discusses desire to own the Seahawks with Mark Cuban]

This time around, it seems he is open to owning any NFL team at this point.

Does Wilson have a plan set up already to one day own an NFL team? Actually, he does, and it is pretty simple and straight forward.

Just keep winning, that’s the plan.

Russell Wilson

Wilson will have a long road ahead of him to get to that position to own a team one day, but Wilson has proven time and time again to not doubt him.

So if you want to doubt him, by all means. But if he has his mind set on something, you can for sure he is going to do everything to reach that goal.