Russell Wilson takes responsibility for rare turnovers in Seahawks first loss of the season


If there is one thing the Seattle Seahawks are good at, it’s keeping you at the edge of your seat the entire game.

And that is exactly what happened tonight against the Arizona Cardinals - but not in the old Seahawks fashion we are used to seeing this season.

The Cardinals came back and beat the Seahawks in overtime 37-34 and handed Seattle its first loss of the season.

As a lot of people expected, both Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray put on a show.

Murray had 360 passing yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. Wilson had a pretty normal game for the most part with 388 passing yards and three touchdowns for the game. 

The one thing that was different for Wilson and impacted the Seahawks outcome? The turnovers.

Three interceptions to be exact.

This was quite an unusual game for the veteran quarterback, who has been nothing short of perfect through the first five-games. The last time Wilson threw this many interceptions was in 2017.

Turnovers can make and break a team, and Wilson’s third interception was a crucial one for Arizona. The pick by the defense was actually the play that helped the Cardinals pull it off in overtime.

After the game, the MVP frontrunner took full responsibility for the loss tonight in part because of those turnovers he committed.

“I thought we played a great game except for those three plays,” Wilson said. "And those are my fault...

We usually win games like this. That’s the reality.

Russell Wilson on the loss in overtime against the Cardinals

The Seahawks fought hard on both sides of the ball, and it really came down to one mistake that could have shifted the game in Seattle’s favor.


Head coach Pete Carroll after the game knew that there were opportunities to be taken, but it did not pan out this game.

“Really disappointed night for sure for us here,” Carroll said. "We had out shots. It’s hard to win them all. We are going to keep trying.”

Although he may be disappointed in his performance, and is okay with taking all the heat from the loss, wide receiver Tyler Lockett - who had three touchdowns from Wilson tonight - doesn’t think Wilson should beat himself for this game alone. It’s a team sport, nonetheless.

“It’s unfortunate to be able to see him beating himself up,” Lockett said. “It’s not all on him. It’s on all of us.”

The Seahawks move to 5-1 on the season and will be facing the San Francisco 49ers next on the schedule.

Losses like this can sting a little bit, but the best thing to do is just look at the film, correct the mistakes, and move on and start fresh on Monday.

Football is all about having a short term memory.