Russell Wilson rumors: Bears offered Seahawks three 1st-round picks, two starters


The Russell Wilson trade circus can finally be somewhat put to bed

On Tuesday, Adam Schefter reported the Chicago Bears would be signing former Cowboys QB Andy Dalton to a one-year, $10 million deal.

Schefter also reported that the Bears made “a very aggressive pursuit” for Wilson. 

However, the Seahawks told the Bears that they would not trade Wilson away at this time.

The question that was on everyone’s mind was, well, what exactly did the Bears offer for Wilson anyway?

It was reported Wednesday on the Dan Patrick Show that Chicago offered Seattle, get this, three first-round draft picks, one third-round pick and two starters in exchange of Wilson.

Obviously, the deal never went through, but Chicago did make somewhat of an effort to try and bring in Wilson nonetheless.

It seems now that all teams that Wilson listed (Bears, Saints, Cowboys, Raiders) are all moving on away for trying to make a push for the franchise quarterback this season.

Basically, Seattle is not trying to part ways with Wilson just yet.

So we can finally put Wilson being traded away this season to rest.

Thank goodness.

Now, will Wilson be traded next season? Who knows. But for now, it seems Wilson will be leading the Seattle Seahawks this coming season.

Happy or not.