Russell Wilson trains with Drew Brees in latest workout video


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is always hard at work training during the offseason.

The veteran quarterback always wants to make sure he is well prepared for the upcoming NFL season.

He threw for a career-high 40 touchdown passes in 2020 and obviously wants to go for more in 2021.

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Wilson is known for his viral workouts. In his latest one, a familiar face was heard behind the camera checking in on Seattle’s franchise quarterback.

That voice was newly retired Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Wilson posted a new workout where he is throwing "Trust Throws" over a tent. He can't see where the receiver is going to be; it's all about him trusting his guy that he will be where he throws it.

Behind the camera filming and watching him make these crazy throws? Brees himself.

Workouts like these are the reason Wilson is the best at the deep ball throw in the NFL.

Having a veteran and great quarterback like Brees to help you fine-tune things is never a bad idea.

If you want to be the best, you always want to make sure that you are learning new ways to get better.

Brees is certainly a good guy to ask for advice on being a better quarterback.

Wilson has long considered Brees a pioneer, a role model and a friend. 

"He opened the door for me to play as a shorter QB," Wilson has said previously. "He's probably my favorite player to ever play the game."


Wilson is getting tips from a HOF while also preparing to have a new offensive coordinator this year with the Seahawks, and you can expect him to continue to strive for greatness when this season kicks off in a few months.